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About Us

Hello, and thanks for your interest in our company and services. We understand your time is valuable so we have designed this site to allow you to choose a category that best fits your needs. Look at the menu and choose your topic. Thanks again for your interest and future business.

In the following pages you will learn a great deal about our philosophy and what makes us truly stand out from the rest. Some will make the claim we back it up.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jon R. Abernathy. I began my Locksmithing career in the mid 1960's. With more then 45 years of experience in the Locksmithing Industry ranging from a simple lock out to a complex Nuclear Power Plant, I have the necessary Experience.

I've installed Master Key Systems in companies with more then 12,000 locks spread out over an entire state. I've maintained key inventories of over 22,000 keys.

My interest in locks started at the age of 12 when my father disassembled a lock to make some repairs. My curiosity didn't stop there, I began to acquire old locks to see what made them tick, soon I was picking locks and making repairs on neighbors locks as well as school through shop class. At the age of 15 I enrolled in a Locksmithing Course through the Locksmithing Institute. My paid career started in St. Louis Missouri in a small shop in the middle of a shopping mall parking lot at the age of 16. From there I've maintained companies such as Arizona Public Service, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, St. Francis Hospital just to name a few, as well as six years of self employment right here in Topeka. I began that self employment in 1986 as a small Locksmithing company known as Schlossmeister Lock & Key in North Topeka .  After an absence we've reopened  as Topeka Locksmithing Company or TLC.

With my son Jon Abernathy II and our combined experience of 55+ years we will take TLC into a new phase. I look forward to meeting your needs by offering services and products that fit you budget and requirments. I look forward to making TLC The Logical Choice for all your lock and key needs.

In this site you will find information as to our business philosophy, mission statement.
Remember we're TLC we're simply The Logical Choice.

Professional People are who we are, Professional Service is what we provide.

Thank You for taking the time to review this site.

We hope to see you soon.

May God Bless

Sincerely Yours

Jon R. & Debbie Abernathy