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We always find it amazing how relaxed most people are when it comes to their home security. When ever we do a home security survey, we find things that the home owner never even thought about. Things like doggie doors that allow the dog to get into the garage is like just leaving the door unlocked, it allows the intruder a way in as well. Once he's in the garage undetected he can do what ever it takes to get in, and most people don't ever lock the door to the house from the garage, Do You???

Your most likely here because you see a need or your wanting information on how to better secure your property and to better protect your family. You have come to the right place.

Ever see those alarm commercials where a guy kicks in a door, not just any door but the front door in broad day light. The actual truth is that most entries are made through weak links as described above, and are most often after dark. Kicking in doors is noisy, and hard on the knees, and just simply doesn't happen as often as they portray it to be. Pry bars are most often the tool of choice. Were not saying don't get an alarm, Yes Absolutely Get an Alarm, we believe in Alarms and work with the alarm companies. But contrary to what you hear they are not "The First Line of Defense" your locks, doors, windows, and related hardware are Your First Line of Defense. Your goal is to keep the intruder out, and if they get in then your alarm is the Second Line of Defense.

Topeka Locksmithing Company is The Logical Choice for all of your Home Security Hardware needs.

We come to you in our FULLY EQUIPPED service vehicle.

We're Bonded & Insured for your protection.

I've been asked by a many customers over the years that had just been burglarized "Why should I even lock my doors?" "They will get in any way" My response is properly installed locks will keep most people out and the ones that are bold enough to get in anyway you don't want to come home and surprise them. A door that was forced open will alert you of the problem and give you time to get help. Many people have been victims of burglars who were caught in the act and feel they have nothing to lose at that time.

With 40 years of service we have seen just about everything you could think of when it comes to Residential Hardware and the many issues that arise. We've provided service to thousands of home owners over the years to protect their loved ones & valuables. Offering the very latest in residential hardware and technology, we can develop a security program that will fit any budget. Providing a solution that each of our valued customers can afford makes Topeka Locksmithing Company the Locksmith of choice in the Topeka & NE Kansas area for the ultimate in home protection. Were just simply The Logical Choice.

Have you ever had a service provider in you home that was, well that's just say wasn't your idea of a technician, very UN-kept, loud and obnoxious, and didn't really seem to know what he was doing, nor care. Not to mention the mess he left when he was done, dirt on the floor, finger prints on the walls, and extra parts that you're sure must have been needed in something. Topeka Locksmithing Company technicians are highly versed in all hardware manufactures installation techniques as well as repairs. We wear uniforms with our company logo plainly visible as well as ID badges so you know exactly who we are. Our service vehicles are clearly marked so you know exactly who we are when we pull up in front of your home. We take your needs seriously and will never subject you to some of the shenanigans commonly practiced among some in home service providers today. And we will never leave a mess in your home.

Neighborhood Security Party
Neighborhood security discussions are a great way to meet your neighbors and develop a bond with them. A neighborhood watch program is just one of the many ways to prevent crime in your area. If you're interested in hosting a Neighborhood Security Party in your home or at the local clubhouse give us a call and we will be glad to attend. We will answer any questions you and your group may have to better secure your homes as well as make your neighborhood a safer place to live. Security parties can be a fun time as well as informative. For more information on how you can put together a Neighborhood Security Party just give us a call and we will be glad to help.

Topeka Locksmithing Company offers a comprehensive array of home security solutions, including but not limited to the following items listed below.

Deadbolts, Decorative Hardware, Security Gates, Driveway Sensors, Keyless Entry, High Security Locking Systems, Window Bars, Intercoms, Security Cameras, Replacement Doors, Security Glass, Window Locks, Patio Door Locks, and just about anything else to keep your home safe and secure.

Just a few tips you can do to keep your home a little bit safer.

*Always lock your deadbolts when your home or away.

*Always secure your door chains, every little bit helps, but never trust that door chain as true security. Opening a door with a door chain to see who is there allows the intruder to simply kick the door and bust the frame. Use a peak hole if you do not have windows.

*Never leave your front door unlocked when your working in the back yard.

*Keep your shrubs trimmed back removing hiding places.

*If you're going to be away from home for a few days, adjust your telephone ring to its lowest volume setting. An unanswered phone may tip off a burglar that no one is home. Also, have a neighbor or friend collect your newspaper and mail. Never cancel delivery - you don't know who will get that information. .

*Have someone maintain your lawn while you are away.

*Pin your windows for extra security.

*Never put your name on your mail box, an intruder will use this to catch you off your guard.

*Always let close friends and relatives know when your out of town so they can keep a watch.

*Use timers on lights to give the impression someone is home.

* Keep your Auto Key Remote by you at all times and next to the bed at night. If you do experience a break in or another emergency you can activate you car alarm alerting your neighbors that you're having a problem.

*Don't let salesmen into your home, they may be scouting your items for a later time.

*Never mail anything from your home with checks or account numbers in the envelope. Use a drop box or hand it directly to the carrier.

These are just a few simple tips you can do to keep your Loved Ones Safe and Secure.

For Additional Services See Our Services Page

Don''t let this guy break in.  Take the necessary steps to make sure your home is safe.         See our "Safety Tips" page for some ideas to make your home more secure and a safer place to live.