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Recent Install, new doors and hardware


Commercial Locksmithing is quite different from most any other field servicing the commercial client. Naturally the service provider must be able to do what is required of him but there must be a Strong Level of Trust. This trust must be backed with Morals and Ethics. After all we are dealing with the Security of your Company. When you allow a Security Professional/Locksmith into your facility you are entrusting them with the very back bone of your security. Topeka Locksmithing Company takes this very seriously.

So we make every effort to provide you with a comfort level of knowing that we're a professional service provider, a legitimate company, offering professional services backed up with years of experience.

We come to your facility in our FULLY EQUIPPED, FULLY MARKED service vehicle. We wear Uniforms and ID badges so you know who we are.

We're Bonded & Insured for your protection.

To accommodate the needs of our diverse corporate clientele, Topeka Locksmithing Company offers services that are customized to meet the needs of each of our clients. We provide high quality hardware and locking systems for our commercial clients. Ranging from a small retail mom and pop shop to a sprawling corporate complex to corporate international headquarters. This makes Topeka Locksmithing Company the right choice for your company's needs.

Topeka Locksmithing Company offers a comprehensive array of security solutions, including the most up to date security products as well as 40 years of experience mostly in the corporate world.

Recent Install new doors and hardwareMULTI Level Master Key Systems are a serious issue and need the attention of a Qualified Seasoned Professional Locksmith. We have designed and implemented systems up with thousands of locks. We understand the process and can design a system that will meet your needs no matter how large your facility is.

Our unwavering dedication to the client in addition to our dependable products makes Topeka Locksmithing Company the right choice for your corporate needs. We bring extensive product knowledge and the installation expertise needed to seamlessly integrate a security system within your existing facilities.

CONTRACTS, have you signed a service contract with a lock service provider, one that states they have the exclusive rights to all of your work and then you can't seem to get them to provide the services needed under the terms of the contract? At TLC we won't ask you to sign contracts, our service speaks for it's self. We are so confident that you will continue to use us we don't need to hide behind contracts.

Mortise Locks are one of the more difficult locks to install accurately. We're one of just a couple of installers in NE Kansas that are equipped with the proper equipment to handle the job. Our specialized tools allow us to accurately & professionally install all types and sizes of full mortise locks in wood doors.

We're also backed up with a professional metal fabrication company for metal doors so we can install your mortise locks with a factory installed look which means no tabs and screws to come loose causing problems about the time the installers warranty runs out.

We've installed more then 500 of these units over the years so we're The Logical Choice when it comes to your mortise locks being installed correctly the first time.

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