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Building Manager, Facility Managers, Apartment Managers, National Call Centers.

Facility Managers, Property Managers, Apartment Managers, National Call Centers, what ever your title you have enough to worry about with HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Tenants, and a vast array of other issues to numerous to mention. Let us worry about your doors and door hardware.

At Topeka Locksmithing Company were equipped with not only the necessary equipment but years of knowledge to fulfill your request in a timely manor. If there is an issue that we are not qualified or Licensed to do we have a network of service providers in our group that we can use to either assist us or we can put you directly in touch with them. Our group has Electricians, Heating & Cooling Specialist, Plumbers, Glazers, Carpenters, Etc.

If your a Property Management Company who manages properties for a Retail Outlet that has stores across the country we understand the difficulties your having finding a qualified Locksmith in a particular area, much less one you can trust to do the job right. We have companies like yours who tell us they are so glad they found us. Why, we simply do the job correctly and do not over charge, (read or Missions Page). We wear uniforms, ID badges; drive Professional Service Vehicles which are fully equipped. Our people are courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable.

With a simple phone call to Topeka Locksmithing Company, (785-286-1834) you can be assured that the issues at hand will be handled with Professionalism. We can service your properties any where in NE Kansas up to 220 miles of Topeka. We currently service the needs of dozens of Property Management Companies like yours from all over the country. We would like to assist in any way we can to make your job less complicated.

Were amazed at what we see and hear from our clients. The lack of professionalism is so evident in not only our trade but across the board. We see butchered locks, improperly installed hardware, & missing parts. We see Knock Off / Look Alike hardware sold as name brand hardware. Imported Knock Off hardware has invaded our market, don't be fooled, It's Not the Same.

Master Keys are a very misunderstood and often improperly installed aspect of your facilities. Often the inexperienced lock service provider for what ever reason will try to convince you that a master key system is not feasible in a facility your size or they will attempt to install a system that is really just a bunch of randomly cut keys disguised to look like a system. Some of these lock service providers will tell you that they build their Master Key Systems with the aid of computer software. So do we, the question is do they understand what they see. The computer can generate the number sequence; it still takes a Seasoned Professional Locksmith to implement the system properly. Just because a computer did the work does not make it perfect for every situation. We have built systems for companies with thousands of locks over the years, many were done way before computers were even available, we simply know what were doing.

Do you have your own Locksmith on Staff, is He or She a qualified locksmith or are they a member of your maintenance staff doing the best they can with the limited knowledge they have. Let us help, we can most likely either assist your maintenance person or we can take over their duties allowing them to better serve in a capacity more applicable to their training. Give us a call and we will be glad to come out to evaluate your facility and system and put together a plan that we believe will prove to be a benefit to you not only service wise but budget wise. Many facility managers tell us that it is just more cost affective to allow an in house employee perform these task. In the long run however many have discovered that it is in fact much more costly. These cost come in the form of improperly installed and keyed hardware causing additional time to repair, as well as the level of inexperience. Additional an hourly employee has ample time to complete the task often taking much more time then required, time that could be used to better serve in a capacity more applicable to their training. Topeka Locksmithing Company is skilled in all aspects of Locksmithing and will complete all projects in a timely manor keeping your project on budget. We will quote you a price before we start so you will know exactly what the cost is going to be, no hidden charges, no surprises.   

Some Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

1. Do you issue company keys to your employees?

2. Do your employees sign for these keys?

3. Do you want to keep your employees from obtaining duplicate keys?

4. Do you have a key control policy in place with a signed form?  

5. Do you enforce the policy? 

6. Do you re-key your facility on a regular basis?