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We Provide service for Topeka & NE Kansas; click on the Service Area Map in the right column to see just how far we will go to meet your needs.

My 40+ years of experience has placed me in front of virtually all hardware types & manufactures providing me with a level of experience far exceeding the typical Locksmith/Service Provider. Add Jon's experience with me over the years and his 17 years as a mechanic we have the necessary experience. This vast experience allows us the capability to service any & all hardware types & brands while maintaining the integrity of your facility; Safe, Secure, Legal, & to Local State, & Federal, Fire & Building Codes.

WE SERVICE & INSTALL 98% OF ALL HARDWARE TYPES & BRANDS; We follow the manufactures recommend installation instructions. For repairs we use factory parts when we can. We install the proper hardware for the application. We will only substitute hardware when you approve it. Repairs are made not patches pushed off as repairs. Call backs are very rare but were human, if in the event we are called back it's on us, you may or may not find that statement surprising but for those of you who have been billed excessively for poor service, you understand. We use the proper tools for the job and simply install/repair it correctly.

HIGH SECURITY KEY SYSTEMS; We can build you a system that you and only you have access to. No unauthorized key duplication. Simply put it's secure.

ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS; Simply put it's controlled access both electric & manual. As simple as a single door to multi door application with audit control.

MULTI LEVEL MASTER KEY SYSTEMS; Our Master Key Systems are Computer Generated using three types of progression assuring the least possible number of Ghost Keys & Incidental Masters. We can develop systems up to 5 levels under a single key way. WE NEVER use scrap, pre cut, or randomly cut keys to develop a master key system. All keys are cut to Manufacture Specifications. We maintain accurate, secure, & coded records for future service as well as train your facility personnel to maintain the integrity of the system.

MASTER KEY SYSTEMS; Master Key? Hummm! Have you ever wondered just exactly what that actually means? Has it ever been explained to you by a Professional Locksmith? Is your Master Key System a true Master Key System or is it just a random series of numbers designed to look like a Master Key System? Was your System sold to you with the promise of easy accessibility to your facility while limiting employees to their assigned areas only? Was your system designed by a Seasoned Professional who has mastered the art of design, development, & implementation of all types of Master Key Systems? Yes all types; there are actually three industry acceptable standards or methods of producing functional Master Key Systems and some may not be appropriate for your needs. Or has your service provider convinced you that in a facility your size a Master Key System is not feasible?

Let me explain the difference. A Master Key System even poorly designed will allow employees access to the areas that they have the authority to enter. It will allow mid-level managers access to most all areas blocking them from highly sensitive areas, or areas outside of their managerial duties. Security & sometimes even maintenance personnel along with upper level management will have access to all areas within the complex. Even a poorly designed Master Key System will provide this level of access.

The above described system while seemingly functional can produce an array of problems if it was not properly designed. Problems such as "Cross Keying" can allow non authorized personal access to sensitive areas. A problem known as "Incidental Masters" is a big problem as well; this allows regular change keys to act as Masters in certain areas. However the most common problem is "Ghost Keys", these are keys that are not necessarily cut but the combinations are present in the cylinder. While there are many more issues that arise during the designing of a Master Key System every effort must be made to assure the security and integrity of your facility.

Many inexperienced locksmiths will alter the cylinder to compensate for their inability to properly master key a facility. This altering is accomplished by three different methods which are "Camel Backing, Flat Topping, & Beveling" which ever one is used the cylinder has been butchered and by all proper standards has been rendered useless. Additionally they will leave empty chambers in the cylinder leaving the lock even more vulnerable to unauthorized entry. When you add the altering or butchering of a cylinder and or the empty chambers along with the inability to properly develop a functional Master Key System you have chaos within the system and you really have no system at all.

Do you feel a click or a binding in the key? Do you have to jiggle the key to get it to work? If so your having issues within the lock cylinder, these are warning signs that the lock could be in need of service, or that it was poorly keyed at the inset. Some times a simple flushing of the cylinder will help or you could just simply have a key that was miss-cut. Use a lubricant such as WD-40 to flush out and lubricate the lock. Don't use graphite in a lock that has been lubricated with a liquid lubricant, it will clog up. If you are one that uses graphite use it very sparingly or it will build up in the back of the cylinder causing problems, more is not better in the case of graphite.

If you feel that your facility may have some of these or other issues or would like to learn more about Master Key Systems for your facility just give us a call and we will be more then glad to come out and discuss just what we can do for you.

Remember were TLC The Logical Choice for all of your lock keying needs.

MORTISE LOCKS; Mortise Locks are one of the more difficult locks to install accurately. We're one of just a couple of installers in NE Kansas that are equipped with the Proper Equipment to handle the job. Our specialized tools allow us to accurately & professionally install all types and sizes of full mortise locks in wood doors. We're also backed up with a professional metal fabrication company for metal doors so we can install your mortise locks with a factory installed look which means no tabs and screws to come loose causing problems about the time the installers warranty runs out.

We've installed more then 500 of these units over the years so we're The Logical Choice when it comes to your mortise locks being installed correctly the first time.

RATE STRUCTURE; We've calculated a set cost on the standard service call items that are most commonly requested. Like the Automotive Repair Industry I also have a "Book Rate" which means once I quote it I will not go above that rate. These are rates that are pre determined based on my years of experience. We do this for a very simple reason. All of us want to know what were going to pay before we agree to get it. By establishing a set cost on the most commonly requested items we allow you to build within your budget certain cost to allow for services rendered. It also allows you to feel comfortable that your bill is going to be what we say, no hidden cost, and no extras. So often I here of service companies quoting hourly cost and then you see two service men chit chatting on your time. With us you know ahead of time what the true cost is going to be for the services you have requested. Additionally we never double charge you for a simple lock re-key. It has become common among many Locksmiths to charge for labor on top of the standard re-key fee, this is simply double dipping and is unethical. A re-key is 90% labor as it is. Our service vehicles are fully equipped to handle almost any day to day call meaning; in most cases we will complete your job in one trip.


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